Who Are We

Take a look about our journey and stories of success over the years

Mimar is a leading professional design practice providing consultancy services in the core disciplines of Urban Design & Landscape, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Electro – mechanical as well as Project Supervision.

Who We Are In Short

Design and Development Team
  • BIM Design and Documentation: Mimar maintain a state-of-the-art computer network. A suite of up-to-date software allows the efficient production of architectural documentation and high quality presentations using the latest versions of software used for modelling, drafting and presentation.
  • Quality Management:
    We are committed to quality in all aspects of work. A Quality Management System is in operation which reviews and cross checks all
    stages of the building process from original design through to documentation, construction and ultimately post-occupancy evaluation. Our systems were now approved and ISO 9001:2008 Standard Certificates has been issued.
  • Library and Research Facilities:
    An up-to-date reference library is maintained to provide a broad collection of relevant books and periodicals, including: technical and design publications on building types, recent design trends and technical innovations; authorities; standards; regulations and guidelines; archives of drawings on microfilm and CDROM; and product literature and samples.
  • Model Making:
    Our sister company Mimar models is one of the leading Model making workshops provides an expert model making team who build form models during the design stages of a project as well as full detailed models. The model shop uses CAD-CAM technology to construct extremely accurate models.
  • Computer graphic design & Animation:
    Mimar CG, additional cell was created to supply the market needs with a high level of marketing material that starts from branding development, 3D visualization ending with professional marketing animation and movies.

Our Focal Clients

We take pride in what we do, and who we do it for